Contrary to the Obama Nutrition Guidelines, Studies Continue to Show that High Fat ‘Diets’ Cure Disease.

Shock: 'Experts' recommend high fat diet for curing a significant disease The ideology of Progressivism rests on the notion that “experts” should be given free rein to guide the populace in proper behavior, by persuasion if possible, but by governmental law and regulation if necessary. These “experts” could inform the disinterested administrators of a state... Continue Reading →

Evidence now shows that Veganism has helped produce a society of faggots with low sperm counts & elevated rates of estrogen!

A recent study examined the popular view about men who are vegans and vegetarians, and came to the conclusion that the general public views meat eaters as “more masculine”. Many men also report feeling more manly when eating meat. When it comes to actual evidence, many studies (here, here, here, and here) have also shown that men... Continue Reading →

The Responsibility of Men. Listen to Gus break it down to Walter White. Open your ears and pay close attention you Alt-Light Cucks!

Checkout this exchange from the series breaking bad. One of the only decent shows produced in the last decade... Nothing will change in the West, without an entire upheaval of the culture... with a true return to masculinity and patriarchy. Much of the Alt-Right is composed of these sex starved video game nerds, childless internet... Continue Reading →

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