PTD Motivation Rant: Life is Great!

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14 thoughts on “PTD Motivation Rant: Life is Great!

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    1. With kids 3 and under, it’s EASY. She does 80% of the work with them, so by the time they’re in bed asleep, she’s more than ready for sleep. Weekends are tougher, and that’s when I break, give in, and release! Longest I Go is about 3 weeks MAX…. at that point, my TESS and GH and Sex Drive is higher than it was as a fucking kid!


  1. great stuff!
    I was listening to the PTD radio playlist under the other playlists but it’s gone now, how can i listen to more?



      1. EVERYTHING is up on the site FREE.

        When I start doing shows again I’ll strictly be relying on donations from people who are man enough to support my work.

        Trust me… I’m Itching to do more shows.

        We have 3 kids here under 4 Years Old.

        Not much time. But I’ll be back at it soon.


    1. I will gladly pay and suscribe, i donated a few weeks ago.
      I have taken the glory pill as the golden One calls it, training MMA and reading etc.
      I live in Sweden and your show is helping me a lot as a voice of reason and sanity in theese times.
      I will spread the Word.
      No more weak men!


  2. Seems like the playlist is missing again, i wonder why it does that.
    I would like to download it somehow and have in My mp3 player.



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