The Responsibility of Men. Listen to Gus break it down to Walter White. Open your ears and pay close attention you Alt-Light Cucks!

Checkout this exchange from the series breaking bad. One of the only decent shows produced in the last decade…

Nothing will change in the West, without an entire upheaval of the culture… with a true return to masculinity and patriarchy.

Much of the Alt-Right is composed of these sex starved video game nerds, childless internet Nazis, and guys that jerk off to cartoon porn.

Yet they claim to want Patriarchy?

Patriarchy MUST  be earned and maintained.

It’s not a gift granted to a bunch of weak white fags, crying cause they haven’t caught a fucking handjob since the 8th grade.

Patriarchy will ONLY return, with the return of our MEN.

It will NEVER arrive here and magically drop out of the sky as a result of trolls posting memes on the Internet and a bunch of Alt-Light Cucks chasing down Joos and talking about genetic studies and racial differences and IQ.

That will NEVER cut it. We need our men to act like fucking men, to find their balls, to form families, to reproduce, to raise healthy children, and set good examples for them as fathers, as leaders, and as role models in our society!

Until we ALL work towards that goal. There is no future for Western Man.

Wake Up!

5 thoughts on “The Responsibility of Men. Listen to Gus break it down to Walter White. Open your ears and pay close attention you Alt-Light Cucks!

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  1. Let’s say that a large percentage of our “men” become men, started families raised their kids right and become strong leaders. Then what?? We could cut off immigration today and we would still become a minority in short order. Our children under 5 are already a minority in this country. Even if the white birth rate grew by three times we would still not out breed the others, and frankly it’s not even a good idea to try. I guess my question is even with tens of millions of strong healthy men with large families how do you see them changing this trend? Your a smart guy and you know the demographic trends and the fact that HUD is going to diversify every single area in this country. How in your mind would they change this?


    1. Because OUR “men” will finally take an active interest in something other than football, beer, junk food, porn and masturbation.

      When the right “men” are in charge, anything is possible. And they won’t lead with their hearts, they’ll lead with their heads.

      These fuckers all came in here fairly recently, they can all leave the same way they came in.

      It starts by cutting off the incentives, the welfare, the section 8, EBT, “free” child care, “free” medical care, “free” education, “free” school lunches… and so on.


      This is why they’re here. They’ve been offered and given a FREE ride.

      Real Men will take the keys away by FORCE.

      Problem solved.


  2. Awesome answer Rich. I figured you would say something along Thoes lines. These trends and “projections” can change real fast. You are 100% right about that. Once enough real men put their foot down that’s when we will see REAL God damn change.


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